Thursday, February 19, 2015


Hello There, and welcome to my blog Lauren's Baking!  This is my very first blog post!  From the title you can probably gather that I am going to be blogging about baking - and you would be correct!  Not only will I be blogging about baking and cooking, I will be blogging about my travels, and just plain ole' life.

I want to thank you personally for reading this, and hopefully staying on this journey with me, as I will need as much support as I can get.

On this blog you can expect my recipes, others recipes that I have tried, and reviews on certain foods that I have tried.

As I mentioned, I will be blogging about my travels.  Traveling is one of my most favorite activities to do, and why not share it?

... and finally, I will be sharing about what is going on in my life, because it can get pretty interesting sometimes.

I will try to stay on schedule and post AT LEAST once a week.  If I do not, I sincerely apologize in advance.

Thank you again!